5 Ghats In Varanasi That You Must Explore

It is said that Varanasi is the oldest living city where if you breathe your last her, you attain salvation. While this city is a witness to thousands of tourists coming in from all corners of the world, it is famous for multiple attractions. Some come to pick the choicest Benarasi sarees while some love the multiple Ghats (Riverside) that dot the city.

While you are here to look for the best ghats as a part of the Varanasi tour package, we intend to help people know of those that are famous and the few chosen ones that you should never miss out on when you visit Varanasi for the very first time.

The Assi Ghat

While almost all ghats in Varanasi are known to be crowded, the Assi Ghat is comparatively less crowded. This is where the Ganga meets the Assi River and is a sacred place for the Hindus. They come here to bathe in the holy water before worshipping Lord Shiva at a temple on this ghat. While you come here, be ready to be enthralled by the devotion that people have while they take these holy dips. When hungry, you can grab a quick bite at the cafes around this area.

The Dasaswamedh Ghat

If you intend to visit Varanasi to witness the famous Ganga Arati performed in the evening, this is where you should be. Being the oldest and the most crowded ghat, this is the place that you shouldn’t be missing out whenever you visit. You cannot get bored for a single minute while you are here as there is something that takes place all the time. Priests performing rituals, flower seller doing their job, vendors selling wares and beggars in the hope of receiving alms and much more happening around this place. Being here from morning to the evening would make you want to come back again.

The Manikarnika Ghat

Also known as the cremation ghat, this is the place where people are said to receive salvation. With a never-ending queue of corpses being brought here to be cremated, you would witness the ghats lined with wooden pyres and fires burning all the time. Not everyone is brave enough to watch such activities, but if you are inquisitive and want a glimpse, you can get hold of local guides associated with the Varanasi city tour package who would perch you on a nearby building while you get to watch all the action.

The Darbhanga Ghat

If you intend to witness architecture on the banks of the Ganga, this is where you should be in. With the royal palace of Bihar now converted into a hotel on the banks, you can fulfill your photographic requirements or probably stay at the hotel to wake up to a picturesque view.

The Scindhia Ghat

This is another peaceful ghat away from the noise where people come here to look at the partially submerged Shiva temple that sits here. There are multiple alleys leading to this ghat, and each alley is dotted with small temples that have spirituality brimming from each corner. When you are here, you can for sure be a witness to something out of the world.

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