6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Jaipur As Your Next Holiday Destination

Being referred to as the pink city of India, Jaipur is one of those tourist destinations everyone should at least visit once. Being the capital of the desert state Rajasthan, it is house to a plethora of attractions. Right from getting glimpses of the rural lifestyle to the forts that were once homes to kings and queens, you get to see everything here.

With colors and beautifully preserved architecture wherever you look, this is one city that should be a part of your travel bucket list. Read on to know why you should opt for a Jaipur travel package.

The Hawa Mahal

This is a structure placed in the middle of the city that was built in the year 1799 with 953 windows that let the royal women get a glimpse of the festivities and happenings around the palace as they weren’t allowed to step out freely in public. With beautifully carved and designed windows, this is a place that allows movement of cool air no matter how hot it is outside. Being here gives you those princely vibes preserved in all corners.

The Jantar Mantar

Being one of the biggest stone observatories, it was constructed in the early 18th century with the intention of compiling astronomical tables as well as predicting the movements of the sun, moon and other planets. Being a part of the world heritage list, it is a place you should be in when you are in Jaipur especially if you have interests in astronomy similar things.

Traditional Jewelry

When you talk of traditional jewelry, the first thing that can come to mind is Kundan. Coming down from the luxurious and extravagant designs that the royal kings and queens adorned in their jewelry, it has carried along since then. If you have a love for such jewelry or probably take it along as a souvenir, there is nothing better than this.

The Chand Bawdi

With multiple Bollywood movies being filmed here, this is a place that attracts multiple tourists on a daily basis. While being situated in a town close to Jaipur, it is known to contain 3500 steps that take you down under while making it one of the largest and deepest step wells in the country. As the state is arid, this was an initiative taken to conserve as much water possible. When you do to the last few steps down below, you will find that the temperature there is 6 degrees lesser than what it is above. So when you opt for a Jaipur tour package, do not forget to add this to the itinerary.

Mojri or Jutti

The kings and queens of Rajasthan had royalty and luxury everywhere around them. It also reflected in their shoes that they wore. Called mojri or jutti, these are semi-covered shoes that have designs and motifs on them. Some come embroidered with colored threads while some have colored leather that makes it attractive. Being comfortable on the feet, anyone visiting Jaipur takes along at least a pair of it along.


If you have a sweet tooth, then this is something that you should gorge on. Ghewar is a sweet dish made up of flour and sugar syrup that has a luxury in each bite. Coming down since the time the kings and queens relished it, it is until date one of the most sought-after sweet in Rajasthan.

While these are the main attractions of the city, there are several other things as well as memories that you would take along.

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